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Your outdoor furniture doesn’t just provide you with a place to relax and entertain on your porch or patio - it’s also where memories are made. This durable woodgrain armless chair is built to last, and stands up to virtually any climate without fading or splintering like wooden outdoor chairs. The appealing hue also looks great with any existing décor, making this style a versatile addition to your outdoor seating arrangements. Measuring 48 cm in length, 55 cm in width and 82.5 cm in height, it’s perfectly sized to offer stable, comfortable seating wherever you need it most.

Weatherproof Design: The heavy-duty plastic material is non-absorbent, which means that rain and humidity simply evaporate or can be easily wiped away. The woodgrain textured seat feels solid, but incorporates small holes for water drainage. That means no annoying puddling in the seat, even when mother nature’s doing her worst.

Built to Last: Not only is this chair UV-resistant to ward off fading in direct sunlight, it can also handle up to 120 kg of weight. Ideal for adults and younger users alike, it won’t buckle or warp the way other plastic patio chairs often do. There’s even anti-slip rubber pads under each leg to prevent the chair from moving when you sit down or get up. Crafted to last season after season, you’ll love the trustworthy stability from the very first time you settle into the seat.

Easy to Maintain: From pollen and cobwebs to dust and dirt, outdoor furniture can take a lot of punishment over the course of the year. Thankfully, this chair couldn’t be easier to clean: just hose it off and allow it to air dry, or use a sponge and mild detergent if stubborn mud makes an appearance. Completely non-absorbent propylene means the water will simply roll off and leave you with a fresh, clean chair to enjoy once more.

Comfortable Style: The raised wood-like pattern of the back features the same drainage and ventilation holes as the seat bed, all designed to keep you cool. Lean back and relax - you don’t have to worry about “sticking” to this outdoor chair or feeling too hot thanks to this built-in airflow. This feature also makes this patio chair a great addition in areas where swimsuits are being worn, such as poolside or by a lake dock.

Quick Storage: When it’s time to stow your chairs, whether for the night or for the season, they’re also stackable. This makes it easy to fit several chairs in tight spaces until they’re needed again, such as a pool house, garage, or shed. 

  • Made from glass filled polypropylene material
  • Product Dimensions: L 48 x W 55 x H 82.5 cm
  • Distinct backrest design; textured backrest gives utmost comfort for long hours
  • Anti-slippery under feet rubber for stability
  • Up-to 120 kg of static weight load capacity 
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant
  • Holes for ventilation and for prevention of water pooling during wet climates
  • Easy to wash using water and mild detergents
  • Stackable to optimize storage efficiency

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Cedargrain Armless Chair

Cedargrain Armless Chair


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